Collection: Fit for a heavy person

When we speak of 'mattresses for heavier individuals', we refer to the solidity of the mattress's construction and components. Our range includes mattresses with sturdy Multipocket springs divided into 7 support zones. Their construction is based on hundreds of springs with reduced diameters, almost doubling the number of support points compared to standard mattresses. This kind of mattress is ideal for those who prefer firmer mattresses with a very stable core.

It's important to note: the term 'mattress firmness' typically refers to the average weight of users in the 70-90 kg range. Therefore, if we assume that the mattress is firm for a user weighing 70-90 kg, for a user with a significantly greater weight, the firmness of such a mattress will be lower. Mattresses not designed for higher weight will provide a very unstable support surface, becoming selectively soft.

Our mattresses have been designed to eliminate the selective sinking of the mattress under the user, providing the best possible support for the entire body. This guarantees comfort and a healthy, restful sleep. Additionally, our mattresses are reinforced with extra elements that strengthen the product. They are ideal for individuals weighing around 120 kg.