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Mattress Comfort Strong - MULTIPOCKET

Mattress Comfort Strong - MULTIPOCKET

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The Comfort Strong mattress includes:

  • Quilted cover with a zipper
  • Air-conditioning non-woven fabric that promotes the mattress's ventilation
  • Coconut insert
  • Highly flexible Comfort foam
  • Felt insert
  • MULTIPOCKET pocket springs with 7 zones of hardness

The upper layer of the Comfort Strong mattress, classified as hard - H4, is made of a coconut layer and highly flexible Comfort foam. The coconut insert, created from coconut shells, is double latexed with "milk" from the rubber tree, giving it flexibility and resistance to cracks and chips. It's a natural product with anti-fungal and anti-allergic properties. This combination of materials with MULTIPOCKET springs creates a firm but comfortable surface.

The heart of the mattress is premium MULTIPOCKET pocket springs. This 7-zone spring insert has a small diameter, enabling it to contain almost twice as many springs compared to a traditional insert. An increased number of springs enhances the mattress's firmness and improves its elasticity. Zones of springs of different hardness are alternately placed, providing appropriate support for various parts of the user's body. Pocket springs are secured with a felt insert on both sides, reinforcing the mattress's structure.

The bottom side of the mattress, with graphically marked hardness H4, contains highly elastic Comfort foam. In combination with Multipocket springs, the bottom side offers a very comfortable surface with medium hardness.

Technical data:

  • Mattress height: 21 - 22 cm
  • Hardness of the top side: H4 - hard
  • Hardness of the bottom side: H3 - medium
  • Zippered cover: YES
  • Washable: YES, up to 40 degrees C
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