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The Strong Med mattress features:

  • Quilted cover with a zipper and extended abrasion cycle
  • Air-conditioning non-woven fabric for improved ventilation
  • Highly elastic foam for exceptional comfort
  • Coconut mat for natural support
  • Felt insert for added reinforcement
  • Pocket Springs with 7 zones for targeted support

Structure of the Strong Med mattress:

The upper side of the mattress consists of two coconut mats with a layer of comfort foam on top. This combination, along with the pocket springs, creates a firm surface (H4) as depicted on the graphical scale. The coconut mat, made from coconut shells, is latexed on both sides with natural "milk" from the rubber tree. It is a natural product with excellent anti-fungal and anti-allergic properties. The incorporation of 7-zone pocket springs makes it an appealing choice for those who prefer firmer mattresses.

The core of the mattress features pocket springs with 7 hardness zones. The alternating arrangement of springs with varying hardness provides optimal support to different parts of the body. The springs are covered on both sides with felt, ensuring enhanced structural integrity and sufficient ventilation.

The bottom side of the mattress exhibits a medium hardness (H3), as depicted on the graphical scale. It consists of highly flexible Comfort foam placed on 7-zone pocket springs.

The Strong Med mattress offers two sides with distinct hardness levels, making it an intriguing option for individuals who value firmer mattresses or are unsure about their preferred hardness.

Technical data:

  • Mattress height: 21 - 22 cm
  • Hardness of the upper side: H4 - firm
  • Hardness of the bottom side: H3 - medium
  • Zipped cover: Yes
  • Washable: Yes, up to 40 degrees C

Additional technical data:

  • Standard pocket springs (7 zones): Yes
  • Premium pocket springs MULTIPOCKET (7 zones): No
  • Viscoelastic foam (Memory Foam): No
  • Latex foam: No
  • Coconut mat made of coconut shells: Yes
  • Removable and washable cover, up to 40 degrees C: Yes
  • Two utility sides: Yes
  • Surface with H2 hardness: No
  • Surface with H2/H3 hardness: No
  • Surface with H3 hardness: Yes
  • Surface with H4 hardness: Yes
  • Shipped in a rolled form: Yes
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