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Mattress EVER

Mattress EVER

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Included in the mattress:

  • 7-Zone Pocket Springs
  • Latexed Coconut - naturally anti-allergenic and anti-fungal
  • Highly flexible foam for comfort
  • A quilted cover with an enhanced abrasion cycle
  • Mattress height: 21-22 cm.
  • Upper side firmness: medium
  • Bottom side firmness: medium


The Anti-allergenic Cover: A three-layer, breathable fabric featuring a sewn-in zipper for easy removal.

Air-Conditioning Fiber: Lined on one side, it effectively absorbs sweat and helps maintain the optimal body temperature.

Latexed Coconut: A natural material known for its anti-fungal and anti-allergenic properties, ensuring air circulation and providing a good balance of firmness and elasticity. It also acts as a barrier against fungi and mites.

Highly Flexible Polyurethane Foam: It prevents cracking and deformation, assuring proper sleep comfort.

Felt: This material stiffens the entire structure, enhancing the strength of the mattress.

7-Zone Pocket Spring System: These springs are made using NANOhard technology, double hardening of high-carbon wire, extending its lifespan by over 50%. The flexible pocket system wards off pocket abrasion and cracking, further enhancing the durability of the mattress.

Cover: Features a 360° zipper, making it easy to remove for cleaning.

Packaging: Mattresses are packed using certified V.P.R. system, which involves vacuum compressing the mattress and then rolling it into a roll using a special roller. This system naturally compresses the spring, eliminating the risk of damage. Remember, spring mattresses cannot be folded in half or rolled without vacuum pressing.

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