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Mattress SUPREME

Mattress SUPREME

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The Supreme mattress includes:

  • Quilted cover with a zipper, designed for extended wear.
  • Air-conditioning non-woven fabric responsible for mattress ventilation.
  • Visco MEMORY thermo-elastic foam (memory foam) for exceptional comfort.
  • Highly elastic foam for additional support and comfort.
  • Felt insert for enhanced durability.
  • Pocket Springs with 7 Zones for targeted support.

Structure of the Supreme mattress:

The upper side of the mattress is classified as medium soft (H2/H3), as depicted on the graphical scale. It consists of highly flexible foam for comfort and memory foam, specifically thermo-elastic Visco Elastic foam. The Visco foam eliminates localized pressure on the user's body, providing proper support to the spine, especially in hard-to-reach areas like the lumbar region. The even support reduces discomfort associated with inadequate or uneven support to various parts of the spine.

The core of the mattress features a 7-zone pocket spring form. The individual zones with different hardness levels ensure consistent support for the body. The springs are covered with felt on both sides, reinforcing the mattress structure and facilitating proper ventilation.

The bottom side of the mattress has a standard medium hardness (H3), as indicated on the graphical scale. It comprises highly elastic Comfort foam placed on 7-zone pocket springs.

The mattress offers two fully functional sides with different hardness levels.

Technical data:

  • Mattress height: 21-22 cm.
  • Upper side hardness: H2/H3 - medium soft
  • Hardness of the bottom side: H3 - medium
  • Zipped cover: Yes
  • Washable: Yes, up to 40 degrees C.

Additional technical data:

  • Standard pocket springs (7 zones): Yes
  • Premium pocket springs MULTIPOCKET (7 zones): No
  • Thermoelastic foam VISCO ELASTIC (Memory Foam): Yes
  • Latex foam: No
  • Coconut mat made of coconut shells: No
  • Removable and washable cover, up to 40 degrees C: Yes
  • Two utility sides: Yes
  • Surface with H2 hardness: No
  • Surface with H2/H3 hardness: Yes
  • Surface with H3 hardness: Yes
  • Surface with H4 hardness: No
  • Shipped in a rolled form: Yes"
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