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Mattress Comfort VISCO - MULTIPOCKET

Mattress Comfort VISCO - MULTIPOCKET

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The Comfort Visco mattress includes:

  • A quilted zippered cover,
  • An air-conditioning non-woven fabric that aids in mattress ventilation,
  • A layer of Visco Elastic thermo-elastic foam (Memory Foam),
  • Comfortable, highly flexible foam,
  • Felt inserts,
  • And the hallmark of quality - MULTIPOCKET Pocket Springs featuring 7 Hardness Zones.

The surface of the Comfort Visco mattress falls under the medium category - H3. It's crafted from a layer of Visco Elastic thermo-elastic foam and Comfort foam. The Visco foam, also referred to as memory foam, exhibits exceptional properties that allow it to mold to the user's body shape, filling in more "concave" areas such as the lumbar region of the spine. This foam, in synergy with the zoned springs, offers holistic body support, heightening comfort during rest and mitigating discomfort like lower spine pain.

The heart of the mattress consists of Premium Multipocket pocket springs. This 7-zone spring insert is notable for its small diameter, permitting the core to house nearly twice as many springs compared to a conventional insert. The augmented spring count boosts the mattress's firmness and elasticity. By varying the placement of different hardness zones, the mattress offers sufficient support to the user's individual body sections. Both sides of the pocket springs are lined with a felt insert for enhanced mattress structure.

The underside of the mattress, also falling under the average hardness of H3 when graphically represented, comprises highly elastic Comfort foam.

Technical data

  • Mattress height: 21 - 22 cm.
  • Upper side hardness: H3 - medium
  • Bottom side hardness: H3 - medium
  • Zippered cover: YES
  • Washable: YES, up to 40 degrees C.

Additional technical data:

  • Standard pocket springs (7 zones): No
  • Premium Multipocket pocket springs (7 zones): Yes
  • Visco Elastic thermo-elastic foam (Memory Foam): Yes
  • Latex foam: No
  • Coconut mat made of coconut shells: No
  • Removable and washable cover (up to 40 degrees C): Yes
  • Two-sided utility mattress: Yes
  • Surface with H2 hardness: Yes
  • Surface with H2/H3 hardness: No
  • Surface with H3 hardness: Yes
  • Surface with H4 hardness: No
  • Shipped in a rolled form: Yes
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